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Don’t Make Common Mistakes: Treat Your Concrete Right, Make It Last

When you have beautiful decorative concrete, you want to take care of it. You want it to look it’s best, and last a lifetime. But common mistakes can take away the beauty and shine.

The biggest common mistake comes in the cleaning of the concrete, where the very effort you make to keep things at their best can make things worse.

When you select a cleaning agent, you may be tempted to use an acid based cleaner or a solvent. These can lead discoloration and fading, but the good news is that you don’t need powerful cleaning agents on our decorative stained concrete. A neutral cleaner with a water base is all you need to keep your floors looking beautiful for years.

So let the naturally low maintenance, durable, and easy to clean stained concrete do what it does best, and your floor’s polish, or that rugged patio look, will look great and keep saving you time and effort for year to come.


Don’t Be Fooled! Carpet Leaves Problems Behind.

Today is April Fools day, but if you think a simple concrete patch is enough to get your concrete ready for staining, the joke is on you!

When switching from carpet to stained concrete you must pay attention to the details. Carpet leaves behind thousands of small nail holes. While these nail strips keep carpet beautiful by keeping it attached to the floor, the holes they leave behind make for ugly concrete! While the average contractor or the brave weekend “do it yourselfer” will use a basic concrete patch to fill in those carpet tack holes, these rudimentary methods will not deliver the consistent base needed for a proper finish and stain for a beautiful work of concrete art.

Instead of a basic concrete patch, we make sure to use Slick-Em, made by the Stamp Store, it uses fine aggregates, Portland Cement, and some proprietary admixes to create a properly prepared, solid, and strong foundation that you can sand, score or paint. It takes some training and special instruction to use properly, but it’s one more example of how doing it right the first time really matter, especially with the small things.

You can find out more about Slick-Em at The Stamp Store on their website.www.thestampstore.com

Remember, the Devil’s in the details, don’t let them wreck your creation, do it right from the start!